Do not feed the wildlife

Not long after I moved to Weipa, there were some Dingo sightings. These sightings caused such a stir in the community, especially on the Facebook pages associated with Weipa.

It all started when someone placed a bag of dog food on the round about near the entrance to the local shopping centre!

Then one of the local food vans posted a picture on the Facebook page. The picture was of one of the dingoes close to the van looking to be eating something off the ground, the caption included was “even the dingo likes my pies.”

Many, many comments, some trying to defend the dingo, and even people giving suggestions that even though they are wild animals, they look skinny, therefore they are hungry, and need to be fed! Other locals seemingly getting worked up that someone may be attacked. Even a changeable message type road sign was placed in the area encouraging residents not to feed wildlife.

The dingo became affectionately referred to as “Ernie” ………….this was my favourite part of the whole debacle!

Then one helpful resident tried to put it to the people with a Facebook post suggesting a thumbs up emoji or liking the post to tell the local council that it is not acceptable to take dingo and her pups from their home. Or the use of an angry face to agree with the local councils decision to try and trap the free spirited wildlife. All this Facebook vote achieved was hundreds more conflicting comments.

I had never seen a Dingo in the wild, and the Facebook uproar provided lots of entertainment.

Clearly not much happens around here!



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