Remote Differences #1

It seems Facebook provides us with plenty of entertainment! Or maybe it’s just as I mentioned earlier, not much happens here #lol.

We get some of our enjoyment from the local buy sell swap page as well as another local page where posts are made, mainly about events in the community or where some people have a rant. There was even quite a domestic happening right on Facebook, between an obviously newly separated couple last night, when the man posted a wedding dress for sale. The argument over who paid for the dress plus a whole lot more was aired for everyone to see!

All matter of things are for sale up here, we were lucky enough to nab a little Scooter for me to zoom around town on, as well as a few other random useful things we have bought along the way.

I was shocked to see snakes for sale, and this was not the first time I have seen reptiles for sale on the page. What ever happened to people needing to get rid of their extra coffee table or an old mobile phone?

Quite often locals ask others for help. I’ve been part of similar pages in Sydney where parents asked for a lot of medical advice. Up here it is veterinary advice that is often sought after, especially because there is only a vet in town every fortnight.

One morning I was having a quick look through Facebook when I was faced with the below image.


I was quite enjoying my Weetbix until I saw this………..I certainly have never seen these sort of posts from the Facebook groups I was a part of in Sydney #lol

See you on the road!

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