Tip Tripping Continued……..

Just a quick post to add more photos from our camping trip up to the tip………….

There were too  many creeks to remember all the names but I will do my best to caption photos if I can.


Palm creek was the first crossing, it was here that the fun began. The boys jumped out and checked it all out. Darryn, Kel and Colin went first. Colin got a few scrapes here but it didn’t stop anyone for too long.



The second creek crossing was where I had a go too. I jumped into drive. I couldn’t quite get the car up the exit. Joey was very impressed by my driving skills 😉



I had no expectations of this trip, all I knew was that we were going to be without toilets and showers for three days. Thanks goodness for fresh water creeks and water falls.


I saw Joey and Darryn jump off one of the falls and was unsure if I wanted to do it myself. I was asked to take photos but neither of them alerted me when they were going to jump! I missed them both.

It was when I saw one of the children from town that I teach, who offered to show me where to jump that I was convinced. I didn’t want any stories getting back to school!

Joey got me jumping!!!!!



Sam creek is one crossing that I can remember the name of, it was such a lovely spot and I was pretty happy that it took a while for Colin to get out, it meant I could stand in the water for longer. I was soaking it all up while there where no crocs about. Being surrounded by water in Weipa but unable to go in has been a hard thing to get used to.


The winch came out again at Cannibal creek for Darryn…………Kel got out of the car too for this one, it was a bit of a doozy! Everyone was on hand to help 🙂


My number one spot and favourite place along the tele track was Nolan’s Brook, it was such a nice spot to camp. I hope Joey and I return for a weekend or two here soon.

Below is Joey and Darryn’s cars crossing the creek. A crowd of campers form, ready to watch all new groups cross over. Both our cars took different entries.



And of course I got a video of the uber cool VDub


We watched the next group of cars go through, a great afternoon of entertainment!

The next adventure begins tomorrow……………..






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