Keep your road side assistance up to date

Just a quick reminder to make sure you keep your road side assistance membership up to date. We found out the hard way!

I realised ours wasn’t when our car broke down between Cooktown and Lakeland on Saturday afternoon. We were out of phone reception, so I hitched a ride about 10km’s into Lakeland roadhouse to call NRMA.

As I climbed into a strangers car, all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind………… I’m sure there is a movie about this or very similar….. someone hitch hiking and ending up dead……..or trapped……….or hostage!!!! I’m pretty sure every safety talk I heard at school said you should never get into someone’s car you didn’t know!!!

What the hell was I doing 😏

It all turned out fine, Charlie & Rebecca were a lovely French couple working on a local banana farm to extend their visas so they could travel our beautiful country more.

What wasn’t fine was Joey’s road side assistance wasn’t current!

I made the decision to join RACQ (bad mistake- really shit service, and the driver tried to scam an extra $100 out of us 😤) and of course we were charged through the roof because they knew you really don’t have any other option.

After almost 3 hours of not being able to contact Joey, he finally arrived in the tow truck with the car on the flat bed trailer, with both dogs in the car & the new boat (the reason we were in the middle of nowhere in the first place) being towed behind the truck. We must have looked like a traveling circus!


I’m pretty sure it was one of the coldest nights on record ❄️ I was freezing, I was shivering so bad. I was thinking if it gets to 10 minutes before the road house closed, I will go and buy some tea towels – as that was the only thing that could possibly keep me warm. I was shaking when Joey arrived. I couldn’t even check my blood sugar as I was shaking so much (shivering is sometimes a symptom of having low blood sugar) I ended up having to sit in the cab of the tow truck to try and warm up. As soon as the car was off I was throwing on the two long sleeve clothes we had with us. Of course a good cup of tea on the trusty camp stove also helped once our tent was set up ☕️

Joey had gotten the car started and he sorted the radiator issue the next morning so we would make it home.

It was a slow drive home towing the new boat on the corrugations, and keeping an eye on the radiator.

Joey got us all home safe in the end 😊 #myhero

So as soon as you finish reading PLEASE go and check if your membership is up to date. I don’t want anyone to get stuck like us……….



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