Sydney Wedding tripping

Cass & the country have been on a little jaunt back home to Sydney to attend my little sisters wedding in the hunter valley.


The trip has been so busy catching up with family and friends. So much driving and don’t get me started on the traffic!

While seeing friends and family has been fantastic and doing all the things that are not possible in Weipa is great. We miss the quietness and can’t wait to get back to our laid back life. I’ve certainly realised how much I love living in Cape York and all the adventures that are on offer there. Oh and we miss the dogs sooo much.

In Sydney we’ve filled our cups with visits to Kmart, sushi, BCF, Anaconda, Lorna Jane, movies, Mecca Maxima, David Jones, doughnuts,City Beach, manis & pedis, cafes, chai lattes, lunches, dinners, breakfasts, many of these things will be out of reach again as of tomorrow.

We are looking forward to getting back to our home tomorrow.


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