Maiden Voyage

It took us a few weeks to get organised, to not be working, and after our hols to Sydney, but we finally made it out in our boat on Sunday

Finally we made it out on the water

It was an early start after Joey checked the weather conditions which seemed like constantly on Saturday evening and again first thing Sunday morning.

I was feeling a bit nervous because I have never launched a boat at a boat ramp. But I ensured Joey explained it to me and told me what my role was. I was in charge of driving the car back up the ramp and parking it. Phew that was simple. I think it will take us a few practice runs to get good at this. Well for me anyway!

Once out there we were pleased the boat actually floated and we headed up to where two friends were already fishing.

The boat went so fast that at one stage I jumped out of my seat when we went over the bumps and I went A over T!

We got some lines in as we traveled up the river. And after not long we were on 🐟


Catch total came to two on our first trip out. Both mackerels. I hope each time is this successful 🎣

The fish have been frozen and are going to be used for crabbing this weekend 🦀

Weather conditions have already started to be checked #lol


Until next time  #seeyouontheroad

or should that be #seeyouonthewater

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