Fish Dinner

Our second trip out on the boat was another very successful one. We went out to use the fish caught last week in the hope of catching some crabs.

We set four crab traps and marked the positions on our fancy new sounder GPS thingy. After that we set off to explore some of the rivers and do some fishing while we waited for the crab pots to fill up 🦀

it was a great day out fishing with 5 different catches all up. We got two sharks that we didn’t keep plus a finger mark, a rainbow trout which is the one I got and a tusky.

I was trying to get the standard shot of me with my catch but without actually having to touch the fish, when Joey was telling me to put it closer to my head. This was when the fish started to flap around. I screamed and the following photo is of me absolutely PMSL. If only we captured this on video. It turns out I don’t like it when the fish start flapping and I don’t like touching them 😝


One of Joey’s fish – all caught using a hand line too, plus photos of one of the sharks that absolutely munched the hook follow. I suggested Joey use gloves next time because his fingers got a bit munched from the line too.

In the end we had no luck with the crab pots. We even think someone may have collected one of ours because it was no where to be found. It seems at least one croc got a nice little feed from our pots 😏

Total number of croc sightings on Sunday totalled 🐊 🐊 🐊 But I know there was definitely more. Always got to be #crocwise up here.

It certainly was a delicious fish dinner on Sunday night. The very first time I’ve eaten something I’ve caught myself 🐟

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