I’ve actually just learnt that achtung means attention. I always thought it meant warning ⚠️ but I suppose getting your attention to read these signs telling you there might be crocs in the area is a good thing

You can see these warning signs in many places up here. But what makes me smile is there is also a weekly posting in the local paper with points on how to be Croc Wise.


I’ve actually become quite intrigued by crocodiles. I’m not about to go swimming anywhere, but the fact that we saw three the other week while out fishing did not bother me at all. A friend at work was amazed that I wasn’t scared. Saying, she even hates thinking that a croc might be in the water, let alone seeing one. They really are interesting creatures, the croc wise add in the paper advises readers that you may not see crocs but you need to know they are there! It EVEN tells readers not to feed the crocs. Do people REALLY need reminding of this???? 🤦‍♀️

I have read some research that the wonderful Irwin family are completing when they come up to the Steve Irwin Wildlife reserve which is located on the Wenlock River. I was so excited to meet them when they visited town a few months back. They took the time to visit the day care centre plus the public school, where both schools were invited to attend the talk as well as hold another information session to educate the community about their work. I was so pleased to get booked in to work the day they came to visit.



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