Red dust is EVERYWHERE!

So anyone who has ever visited the Cape York area you will be familiar with the red dirt and dust that is everywhere. This dust gets into everything, I have never dusted the inside of my house so much. Joey’s work clothes are covered in it and don’t get me started on what his clothes are like when it rains. Akira (my dog) used to be white, she is now pretty much always a shade of red and or brown. We call her “red dog” now.

The photo on the left was before her bath. Right hand side is after her bath when she’s back to mostly white. With Barney, you don’t really notice the dirt on him, it just blends in with his brown colour.


The other week, I walked from our house to Joey’s work. The final 800 metres or so is on a dirt road. A red dirt road! Two trucks went past us. And kicked up some dust. It wasn’t until later in the day when I realised just how bad I looked…………

It just looks like a shocking fake tan 😳

This is not the first time this has happened. At least this time it was just my legs. Another time my face was covered in this red dirt when we stopped in at the shops on the way home from a camping trip. I got a few strange looks from children from school. And the lady who served me in the chemist commented the next time I saw her and said I was looking much cleaner. I wish I had a photo of this one 📷

There is no escaping this red dirt!


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