Remote differences #2

I’ve spoken about the local Facebook buy sell swap page in a few of my posts, and today when I saw this post it reminded me of several differences I have noticed since living here in Weipa.

It seems so many shops, and people take advantage of the remote location. One of the businesses here, buys stock from K-mart, things like ironing boards, dinner sets and cutlery, most of the things are necessities. They then hike up the price! I saw a basic plain white dinner set, clearly from k-mart, priced at $70. In K-mart the same set sells for 20 or 30 bucks.

Today on Facebook, someone posted this……………………


I’m guessing from the amount of comments and the fact that there are emoji laughing faces, other people in town find this amusing that someone is trying to flog off these shoes at a profit.

Another example is a few of the services that visit Weipa, including my beloved Chiropractor. They charge an extra $20 per visit – I’m not complaining about this one, as I reckon I’d pay an extra 100, I just wish the chiro could visit more often.

I saw someone else having a rant on a Facebook page that one of the dentists that visits from Cairns, charges an extra 25% on what their local patients pay. I understand that these businesses would have to cover some costs, but whatever happened to Goodwill I wonder???

#seeyouontheroad – P.S. I’m off on an OS adventure next week………








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