From Weipa to Whistler ☀️❄️ Continued……..


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen a few snaps I put up about my recent “working” holiday. I put the word working in brackets because I’m using the term quite loosely.

I have been to Canada and Hawaii with a family I have nannied and babysat for, for almost 5 years now. I was paid to be there and to help look after the now 3 children. The youngest, whom I’d never met,  turned one while we were away 🎂

I am so grateful at how accomodating and generous this family are. Yes I was there to work, but I also got a lot of time to myself and got to enjoy a bit of skiing in Whistler. Along with many other wonderful experiences – some where shared across my social media accounts.


It had been 13 years since my last visit and I was so excited to get to ski here again especially because my skiing has improved so much since my last visit. Whistler was better than I remembered!

We had spent a few days in Vancouver on our arrival into Canada before a week in Whistler and then we journeyed onto Hawaii.

Again I got lots of time to myself to enjoy all the wonderful shopping – I ended up having to buy an extra bag on my return to Sydney to get everything back to Weipa. And I especially enjoyed a few swims at the beach with the two girls who are 8 and 5. No worry about Crocs here! Floating around in the blow up rings was such fun.

I wished Joey could have been with me and it’s gotten me thinking about planning another trip for this year. Joey is worried how I will cope in economy class now that I’ve experienced business class 😂.

We are thinking of a wedding in Vegas. Anyone want to be our witness? 😉. If you didn’t know Joey and I got engaged just before I left Weipa. So as wonderful as this trip was, it was also very hard to be away for 4 weeks at such an exciting time 💍.

I finished off my trip in Sydney spending some quality time with family and friends – the best was saved til last – spending time with another newly engaged friend, such fun.


It will certainly be an exciting year ahead for us here with many more adventures to share



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