W😲W……. So much rain

I can’t believe the amount of rain that is falling. As I begin to write this, the current downpour has already been heavy and constant for the last 25+ minutes. Maybe it’s the tin roof that makes it seem heavier but looking at the weather app on my phone, shows me there is a fair chance of rain for all of today.

I wish I had one of those old school rain gauges in my yard to see exactly how much falls. But judging from the noise on the roof it would need to be very large!

I still think of rain as a bit of an annoyance especially if I have something to do that involves being outside. This must be the city girl in me.

Here’s a short video I put on instagram last week to show how heavy the rain was. It’s even heavier today ☔️ ☔️ ☔️

I saw some local high schoolers last week absolutely loving the rain as they walked home from school. Splashing in puddles and dancing along as they walked, arms outstretched taking it all in. I need to find their attitude!

It has been reported that it will be a good end to the wet season with lots of rain expected, mixed in with monsoon type rains for a few days thanks to a cyclone that was brewing off the coast over the weekend. Cyclone season runs until the end of April.

And a quick edit to add two screen shots taken from the local Facebook page that I’ve just seen – circular way is one of the streets here  – I wish I had gotten photos of wheelie bins floating down the road 😂

Fingers crossed there is no cyclones! And hopefully a short break in the rain this morning so my dogs can go out for a 🚽 break!


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