1 year on

The 9th of February, marked one year since I followed my heart and joined Joey in Weipa. I still miss family and friends but there are so many more things that I do not miss about Sydney. Weipa is definitely a slower paced life, which I love. There is no traffic and while some things took a while to get used to, I certainly feel very content and happy here. It is great to be with the man that I love and we have enjoyed the last year living together with our dogs and the many adventures we have shared in that time.

One thing I don’t think I will ever get used to or like is these horrid things…………………………………


Cane toads are just so gross, this one seems to have taken up residency in a drain right near where we park the car.

It seems to have a friend with it too. And since they both scared me this morning while I was mowing the lawn, I actually let out a shriek – thank goodness no one could hear me over the mower #lol. My mind is now in overdrive thinking, if there are two, chances are they have already been breeding and creating even more grossness in our yard. I don’t really care for football, but I know I will never cheer for Queensland – just for the fact that their mascot is revolting.

I will now be googling ways to get rid of cane toads………… surely there is some spray you can use so they don’t want to live in our drain.





















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