Weipa Wedding

So much has happened in the last week or so, with a wedding and quite an adventure to collect a new car

On the 2nd March, Joey and myself plus our two friends, Andrew and Leesa as our witnesses arrived at the local courthouse. There is no marriage celebrant in Weipa, you need to organise for someone to fly in. Or another option is a Courthouse wedding. This is what Joey and I chose as neither of us wanted to make a big fuss and we did not want to be spending huge amounts of money either. To be totally honest, the courthouse method was more expensive than I thought! A few locals reactions when I said we got married at the courthouse have been along the lines of “oh………….. you didn’t?” 🙄

We had a quick ceremony with the lovely lady that works at the courthouse. There was some construction work going on inside with lots of banging and crashing. So Margret took us outside in the garden. Which turned out to be so nice – although in true Weipa style it was pretty warm!


Joey’s work friends stitched him up in the morning. Putting posters on his Ute. He wondered why everyone was smiling at him went he stopped in at woolies on his way home.


We actually ended up with more video of the occasion than photos. Which is funny because Joey and I have since both said how much we dislike video of ourselves. But for those of you who feel like they have missed out here is a quick rundown of the ceremony 👰🤵🏻

We celebrated with Andrew and Leesa with a really lovely dinner at Weipa’s most fancy restaurant. The staff did a wonderful job of spoiling us – even setting the table with a tablecloth 🤗 and a free bottle of bubbly 🥂  it was such a lovely evening with our two friends. We even created our own wedding cake


And a family photo with the dogs…………


Part two with stories of our honeymoon and the drive home from Cairns in the middle of the wet will follow…………



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