2018 – the year of travel ✈️

If you follow my personal Facebook or Instagram accounts you will have seen a few shots from my latest “working holiday”. I am currently on another OS trip with the lovely family that I traveled to Canada and Hawaii with at Christmas.

This time it has been a European adventure……………. First stop Venice – with all its confusing small streets and canals – it made me wonder how I ever traveled before google maps.

We then continued on to Paris, I had a bit of a food poisoning bug and was then quite dehydrated. The staff at our new hotel were so kind – but unfortunately there was a slight case of misunderstanding when my lovely family explained that I was unwell and asked if some “plain crackers” loosely translated into French could be delivered to me. I received some saline nasal spray – not so useful for a vomiting bug – but kind all the same 😂.

After the best part of two days in bed after a horrendous flight 🤢🤮, I finally got out to explore some of the city with the baby. We walked all over visiting some key attractions……………. selfie stick in hand!



The next stop was Disneyland Paris…………. the two girls, who are 8 & 5 years old had no idea about this stop. When the eldest saw posters at the airport when we arrived she was quite dirty with her parents saying “I can’t believe there is a Disneyland here”, “I didn’t know there was a Disney in Paris” – throughout our 4 day stay in Paris it was asked several times if we could visit. The parents kept telling the girls there wasn’t enough time and they had to get to the wedding in Spain. Seeing the girls faces when we arrived at the Disney hotel was priceless- excited was an understatement! The next two days were full on, massive days of walking for the girls. Did you know you can buy a VIP pass to Disneyland Paris? The family bought this service and it was well worth every cent as they got to jump the que at most of the rides – the longest they waited was less than 10 minutes for one of the most popular rides – Peter Pan – the youngest boy who is 15 months old and I joined the rest of the family in between his sleeps. And yes as my brother pointed out I got paid to go to Disneyland 😮🤩.

The two girls had a wonderful time dressing up as their favourite princesses………


I got to spend one evening exploring by myself visiting a few of my favourite rides. I say favourite rides as if I know them and are familiar with them – space mountain which is called “Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain” was nothing like I remembered  this one had two very surprising inverted loops and a corkscrew – that poor lady sitting next to me in the second photo below had to listen to my screams 🗣

It was a busy first half of the trip – Part two stories of the trip will follow………….


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