Cheap, Cheap.

Joey & I have just returned from a fantastic week in Bali, celebrating a friends 50th Birthday. It was all a surprise for our friend Leesa, organised by her husband Andrew.

Leesa actually gave us a lift to the airport on Thursday thinking we were going to Sydney, they left Weipa on Friday afternoon, Andrew told Leesa that morning that they were going to Bali.

We surprised Leesa on Saturday morning when we walked into the enclosed outdoor area of their Villa, soon after her two daughters arrived. Her brother in law and SIL surprised them when they arrived at their villa. How we all managed to keep it quiet for so long is amazing.

The week involved lots & lots of food and cocktails as well as scooter rides, swimming and many many laughs.

Joey and I stayed in a lovely villa with private pool, at Jas Green Villas, if you need somewhere to stay in Seminyak I can highly recommend this place, so central to everything. We will definitely be returning there on any more trips to Bali.

We enjoyed the huge variety of restaurants and cafes – such a nice change from quiet Weipa. We watched the sunset at a beach bar on beanbags, while being hassled (in a nice way) by all the people selling their wares.

Everything was so cheap, and I finally got my head around the ridiculous thousands and hundred thousands IDR, most of the time anyway! We hired scooters for about $6 a day and filled up at roadside petrol places that had the petrol in 1 Litre absolute vodka bottles for so cheap. Dinners cost us about $20 or $30 dollars for the two of us including drinks.



It was my second visit and Joey’s first time here. We will definitely be back. And we will definitely be visiting Rock Bar again, we went on our last night, and it was amazing by night, but I’d love to see it in the day.

All the girls had a pamper session for Leesa’s birthday, where we all went to “Blow Bar” a really cool blow dry bar, owned by an Aussie lady. Joey & I enjoyed a return visit a few days later, drinks while getting your hair done = such fun.

It is safe to say……………………………………………



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